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Looks amazing in skirts too.

Meaty Asian Ass Tags: Big thighs often mean wider hips and anybody whoever tells you that the Marilyn Monroe curvy look isn't hot as hell is lying to you. Cala maria nude. A boy likes bones a man likes meat. Yes the women are very beautiful and I would definitely be tickled pink if any wanted sex with me.

Medical advice is not allowed on reddit. Bigger boobs are a deal breaker. Sexy girls with thick legs. Not too much or you'll look like a guy. Plenty of guys love thick thighs, don't worry about it. Love tgick thighs some days but also love skinny ones too.

I like all body types an am always puzzled at some of the ladies that grab my attention as the don't all have perfect bodies: What do you think of my makeup? I was wondering that myself the other day as this tall stick in heels walked into the room I was in. I prefer thick thighs. Women tend to gain and carry weight on their hips and thighs, while men tend to carry weight around their stomachs, but of course, genetics will cause a wide range of variation.

I find them extremely attractive especially when they touch, plus if a women is naturally meant to have thicker thighs than it is much healthier for her.

By filming our models in a modern day pin-up style with all the leanings of the classic Cheesecake imagery of Petty and Elvsgren, we hope to reach a more diverse audience, making them more open and accepting of this fetish. Girls looking for threesome. All of the guys I know love thick thighs and it's taken me a while to learn to love them and sometimes I am still learning to love themand I have heard only scant people say otherwise.

Give some credit to those thighs on her. Fat thights, probably not. Nice size natural booties and boobies without tummy fat are perfect. If your legs are like the first link then you have really sexy legs. Other men only care about the butt some big, some small, etc. These thighs thick enough Snapchat - Becknalyf to let me know and see more Tags: It's just a preference.

My boyfriend loves them and I think they're awesome, but it does all depend on the guy. But hell yea thick thighs save lives! Oh what makes her fat? Yes, and we don't mean fat girls. Stefan Armitage Listicle 92 Aug. I saw and ad of Victoria's secret on tv and with the models and remember thinking, they are quite beautiful, but how they are soooo skinny and no booty or legs. So Sexy Wario happened Tags: I have thick thighs as well, and my husband and male friends are very attracted even when we make more than the vast majority of Americans.

The point is that I always felt that guys like my body shape. Huge tit wank. Candid Blonde Thick Legs.

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I think it's fat too, but I also think that's the kind of body that a lot of black guys would like.

I have a pretty big dick and I need a little extra room down there! Not everyone is the same though, some girls prefer skinny guys without thick arms just as some guys prefer skinny girls without thick legs. Hot punk girl fucked. Everyone has preferences and everyone is beautiful in their own way wolfcat87 Guys definitely do like thick thighs. A lot of guys like thick and some like thin you just gotta find the right person who makes you feel like you feel like yourself and that you can be you.

I saw and ad of Victoria's secret on tv and with the models and remember thinking, they are quite beautiful, but how they are soooo skinny and no booty or legs. Only see one picture, woman on the beach with a dog. So, it's funny when people pretend it's all about fat vs skinny. Obligatory mirror selfie Tags: The only large thing i like is a full long head of hair down to mid back or waiste. But as beautiful as they are, I find women with thicker thighs and hips and butt, definitely more sexually appealing.

Thick thighs thin thighs. Sexy girls with thick legs. I must disagree with you. Blog maria ozawa. Yes, and we don't mean fat girls.

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Click here and select a username! It's a fine line though because once they get too thick or too muscular my opinion goes south in a hurry.

Facebook Twitter Google Email Pinterest. Rebecca — Oil and Deep Massaged Gams 1. Oh what makes her fat? This poll is just another example of fake voting by some fetishist who has hundreds of sock-puppet profiles duplicate level 1 profiles used mostly for voting and faking poll results.

Some guys like that too. Chubby hotty widens her legs 6 min Amateur Addict40 - 9. If they're athletic, I like them. Some men want only big boobs, and some want only small boobs, and some don't care.

My boyfriend loves them and I think they're awesome, but it does all depend on the guy. A boy likes bones a man likes meat. I agree until the manly part. Free sex games sites. Both is an option Tags: Dear if your happy with your body then people will be atracted to you! Show them off in tighter fitting clothing; we'll all appreciate it. Matter of fact i still do. This is true though. Meaty Asian Ass Tags: Go Deeper with Legs Emporium. Do not directly link to comments in other subs.

Personally, I like thick thighs. I've actually noticed that whenever a man responds with a liking towards thin, or 'traditionally' attractive women, the down votes start pouring in. But if I have to choose one I will definitely pick thin thighs. Think of what we see on TV, or in magazines, they are all thin women. It all comes down to personal preference but in general thick thighs and slim waist convey a sexual aesthetic image and most guy's go for this just as most girls would go for an aesthetic sexually conveyed guy with thick arms and a slim waist.

My girls thighs and more Do they belong here Tags: I have preferred thin girls my whole life. I have the same ideal. Hey, I have thighs kinda like that:


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