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Views Read Edit View history. Then they engage in vaginal sex, first in the missionary positionthen doggy styleand then with Debbie on top.

She burst onto the scene in the "Debbie Does Dallas", became an international sensation, and then seemed to disappear almost as quickly as she arrived. Lesbian boob fuck. Bambi woods debbie. We both know what took us away from each other back then,and the circumstances because we were both there, but after all these years, the word is Understanding. I am sincerely interested in this and would love to know that she is still alive somewhere, enjoying life.

This is very strange - this interview is fake. I guess they read it in the paper along with the rest of America. It's like if one day the Zodiac Killer came forth and gave an interview to an angelfire-hosted site. Everyone else - including yourself - is just an anonymous commenter, unwilling to offer proof or identity, just another "but only I know the truth" snake oil salesman. As recent asthe musical version continues to be performed. Sexy girl gets nailed. On 70s porn movies?? She was never seen or heard from again in the porn world.

This interview is all wrong: For some reason, I did not continue to contact her after our last visit. I got out of that job when i finished college.

An interviewer, told about the background to Woods's career, remarked of the creditor that she had "a heart of gold". Buttcrackmenace - if you can think specifically of a question, I'd be happy to ask. Over the last 39 years, she said she has only been recognized a handful of times, maybe 20 at most. English-language films films s pornographic films American pornographic films Cheerleading films Obscenity controversies in film.

After it the movie became famous I took advantage of that for awhile and I'd go to the parties and meet famous people and so on.

Ardor in the Court!: Broadcast and internet indecency: I'm not sure how long I worked there for but it was quite awhile. I would love to see her again. Now Taking Requests Our complete archive of Where are they now? I finished high school and didn't run away from home and I had never been married when I did the movie and I didn't hitchhike to San Francisco.

To "Cybrpirate" everyone knows you are fake. I just thought it was easy money at a time when I had none. And over a series of emails, Bambi answered them all. Weisberg's failure to take reasonable [ F. Fat ass pussy picture. Man, you guys are good. It's one of those moments, when the hair stands up on the back of your neck. In fact, the school I went to didn't have cheerleaders!

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I remember I was having a drink with my girlfriends at the time and one of them had been in a porn movie which never even got released. Latest xxx sex vedios. She also became increasingly disillusioned with approbation as a porn star and disconcerted by being sought by those bringing a civil suit. Bradly is not home, but they wash his car anyway. Still can't find what you're looking for?!

If you are so sure of yourself take her up on her offer to be interviewed in person because when you meet her and it's not her you won't have to pay anything will you?

I was terrified about getting in trouble somehow and everyone wanted to know whether I had really tried out for the cheerleaders and where I was from and I just knew that what I thought was going to be a nothing movie was going to get back to my parents. Almost overnight Bambi Woods became an international sensation and seemed to disappear almost as quickly.

Debbie, where ever you are, you can come over and do me anytime! Greenfield scores a field goal and Debbie makes a touchdown". One of them works in a library, another in a candle shop, and Debbie herself works in a clothing store for Mr. The interviewer could not verify whether or not it was the real Woods. Bambi woods debbie. Secondly, the school listed is true enough Lisa offers Tony "anything" and she begins to fellate him, and then Tammy joins in, and he ejaculates on Tammy's breasts.

How on earth did you arrange this interview?! Okay then where are your facts that she's dead? Debbie makes enough money when "Mr. The whole thing just seems pretty nonsensical. Greenville sc back page. It wasn't until the late 80s that I first watched a fuzzy 7th generation copy of Deep Throat with a friend, one bizarre speed-filled summer afternoon, in a double header with John Water's Pink Flamingo. Rachel I agree, ive found a decent amout of evidence that proves that this a hoax.

We were in a very intense relationship. The whole piece is about 10 minutes long and, given I now know she's so mysterious, is quite interesting. A man spent a large amount of time trying to find her without any luck.

The football team is annoyed by a lack of sex. Both of her parents are now passed away. Little is known about her early life, she appeared in just four movies, and then seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth. Nicki minaj naked com. I saw first hand how big the movie was. The stories say you had a very religious catholic background, and went to High School on Long Island. So tell us how you first heard about the movie.

We got paid and that was the end of that. Greenfield ejaculates on Debbie. Well, how about this - the publicity for Debbie Does Dallas said you were an ex-Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader - I think you even claimed that in one of the trailers. We even got her address and email to keep in touch. Bradly returns home, he asks them in to dry off their wet clothes. Because of Weisberg's refusal to address the problem, both Lappen and Berger concluded the copyright had been lost. She left to go back to America on last month after her holiday and said she really enjoyed her time here.

I don't know how much help I can be to you because, for obvious reasons, I don't wish any photos of me to be published and I am not prepared to give out personal details as I would then be easy to contact.

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Never in a million years did I think that it would be anything like what it became and if I had known I would never have done it! We just made enough money to get food and drugs and that was pretty much all we did. No current picture or name. Alone in the woods cleaning my clit and pussy with a tooth brush, so kinky!

It's also said you ran away from school, and got married and divorced within a year, hitchiking across country to San Francisco. I find the interest in the movie quite amusing because at the time none of us thought anything of it.

She then did an interview and offered to do an audio interview in person!

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But before we get to that, a little backstory. Performers by decade British performers Gay male performers Pornographic actors who appeared in mainstream films Mainstream actors who have appeared in pornographic films Film directors. It'd need to be a question that someone of authority knew the answer to, had never revealed, and could corroborate. Strange looking tits. Fake tits redhead Bambi woods debbie. She was born and raised up north, somewhere within 2 hours of NYC.

A man spent a large amount of time trying to find her without any luck. Can you tell us a little more about where you are originally from, and where you grew up? Growing up in England, and in the pre VHS days, my adolescent youth was spectacularly porn-free.

She probably didn't even remember shooting it. One of them works in a library, another in a candle shop, and Debbie herself works in a clothing store for Mr. Debbie Does Dallas was released in and has become one of the most infamous adult films of all times. I find the interest in the movie quite amusing because at the time none of us thought anything of it. Bambi Woods is said to have died of a Drug Overdose inand I have so far seen nothing to convince me otherwise.

Colleen, If you are out there somewhere I just have a whole ton of questions for you.

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Huge tits and ass nude I never wanted to be involved in a commercial activity about myself because when you do the press seems to think they have the right to do or say anything about you in the name of "public interest". No current picture or name. I was recently holidaying in Melbourne at a medium level resort and my wife and I became friendly with a couple who was also staying there.
Indonesia naked picture This page was last edited on 21 November , at Soon after the film came out, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against Pussycat Cinemas, Ltd for trademark infringement. I have and have watched s s of adult movies and this is in my top 10 because of her.
Tumblr muscle nude You're right, none of those are right. Vincent, I'm almost certain this interview, if you will, is a hoax the wool was pulled over the eyes of the interviewer. English-language films films s pornographic films American pornographic films Cheerleading films Obscenity controversies in film.


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