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There is like 14 videos 30 minutes each of Destiny talking to XJ9 about it.

Sign up for free! The sad part is that she didn't tell me she posted it, she said she was thinking about it but didn't because she is "mature". Pics of nude older women. How the fuck did this guy score?

Not gonna agree with the guy's methods because that was fuckin' dumb but I would love a less extreme way of punishing all the Lee Sins of this world. Last edited by p0werlifter; at You could literally just google it though. I just sort of skimmed the article and the worst thing about it is that he tries to shift the blame on to her. Xj9 girlfriend pics. I really do not get this person Honestly, Lee is also fun to play against, just of how much you can fuck up his combo.

Especially considering how LoL has officially become an official sport. NOW you will start to see the "I'll do wathever I want, there is no ban" on your games more often than ever. Impressive 'Kadabra just has a spoon and gives stuff headaches and breaks machines. I'd say he needs serious help, possibly medication. This video disgusts me. Mature escort brisbane. Not to mention your assumptions about Lee are not the most correct ones.

He need a real education about morality, and his parents need to make him leave the internet. More topics from this board In for pics of said sloot. This definitely beats any tf2 gossip I've heard.

Not only that, the man is completly fucking psychotic. I saw on the article that people mentioned perhaps he has some mental disorders, which I guess might explain it, even though it doesn't in any shape or form justify it. I watched 7 hours of Destiny in a skype call with XJ9 and either he is committed to the troll or he has serious problems.

This kid is seriously next level autism. If these are the type of people that are worshipped on the leaderboards, I don't think I ever want to play LoL. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Dude needs to officially get kicked out. He was essentially stalking his ex and harassing her: This is where I talked to destiny on stream.

I googled imaged XJ9 gf nude pics and only found pics of pony shit and questionably aged girls They are nutheads that only see in a straight line.

Let's just leave it at that. Tumblr squirting women. I may complain about the worst aspects of this place all of the damn time but jesus christ at least I'm not part of a MOBA community. Bronies, not even once.

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Posted October 8, See more of XJ9 on Facebook. And destiny confirmed that action was purely for "punishment" and was just to get back at her. Big puertorican tits. He's extremely fun to play as well, and it's incredibly satisfying making those kind of Combo's, and you discover new ones all the time.

He's been around since early or even the beta back in Especially when he seriously thinks he's the paragon of right and wrong. It's also a really good comparison from my situation, and how hypocritcal destiny is.

Dude gets mad at gf for playing the wrong hero Uploads noods Gf breaks up with him This is the nonlifting phaggot: However, this isn't about her, it's about Destiny, and the fact he accepted nudes from this girl, and gives nudes back.

Is it wrong for a fangirl to be giving nudes to someone who is currently in a relationship? You might say "but xj9, people is a lot of people" when infact it isn't. The Institute of War guys going for the obligatory, politically correct disabled guy on the workforce? You are commenting using your WordPress. That was the good and here is the bad. He's a troll, a very good one at that. I'm amazed he didn't get banned from Facebook as well.

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Log In Sign Up. Xj9 girlfriend pics. Huge bbw tits tube. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. He was essentially stalking his ex and harassing her: Even if there is a whole scenario for his unban, no nuthead player will understand it. I remember talking to him back when I was actively modding the Solomid site, and it is no surprise he did this. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

The pony pictues and his statuses made me cringe. Got so common people basically just reply "XJ9 smurf" whenever one of these pops up. When he was confronted by Bluetea about the chatlog of him and the "chatroom" or according to him, 2 people talking about the nudes of her, and destiny himself making jokes about her body and face, he simply " feigned ignorance" and ignored her. XJ9 is well known in League Of Legends circles as being a highly skilled player held back by 'emotional problems', the latest of these being him reacting to his girlfriend using Lee Sin, a character he hates for giving an unfair advantage, by posting naked ppictures of her on his facebook page, and only took them down when another player threatened to post his personal contact details.

Lol this the same dude that pretended to be a girl on LoL even going as far as to get a voice changer to trick guys. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I think his girlfriend was a bit emotionally fragile and just had came out of a relationship, or something like that, and he took advantage. Uncut version of naked and afraid. Not only that, the man is completly fucking psychotic. Keep me logged in on this device.

That really seems like it should be illegal Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I apologize to my fans for not being the role model I should have been. Pros can't enter official championships if they are banned, even with new accounts. This guy is just an interesting case of autism and more more other disorders.

He seems like he probably has some form of autism. The sad part is that she didn't tell me she posted it, she said she was thinking about it but didn't because she is "mature". I could of probably got his twitch banned for a while by reporting him, but I never bothered. Missed 11 hours of potential experience that he should of gained on Runescape because his girlfriend never came online.

I really don't know what to make of this.

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Judging from his facebook posts he is either the most pathetic person on the planet or a troll. Sign In Sign Up. Xj9 girlfriend pics. Thick older women nude. Remember, this is part 1 out of 14, it goes on like this for seven fucking hours. It's more just for me, as I never even planned to make this post, but I decided to because something inside me kept bugging me saying to type it out and let it all out and "hopefully" make some of society grow a brain.

Don't have an account? This guy honestly sounds like the type whose name will one day be in the news twinned with the phrase "mass murder spree". The dude is completly fucked in the head, and the opening post doesn't reflect that enough. Will he try to do some kind of execute combo? This site uses cookies. Beautiful naked women anal The Poros are hungry! He got banned from places for hacking his GF now EXGF 's account and then posted a facebook video blacked out of him crying and saying how he loved her and wanted to talk to her.

She did post a video though of me jacking off, but she isn't exactly well known so it didn't really get out. You might say "but xj9, people is a lot of people" when infact it isn't. Destiny tries so hard to get him to realize that what he did was wrong but he just doesn't.


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