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This move can be used as a submission hold or can be used for a neckbreaker slamor a facebuster takedown. My foreskin tumblr. You Are Leaving Pornhub. This variation of the cloverleaf sees the wrestler, after crossing one of the opponents legs over the other in a figure four shape, lock the over leg behind their near knee before placing the straight leg under their armpit and turning over.

Lovely teen from Boston doing her first video. Nude boston crab. The hold compresses the legs, flexes the spine, and stretches the abdomen. This move can also be applied to a seated opponent. This variation begins with the wrestler standing on either side of the bent-over opponent. Also known as "Neck Wrench", the wrestler faces his opponent who is bent over. This neck crank sees the wrestler wrap both hands around the opponent's face and pulls back, which applies pressure to the neck and shoulder area.

The wrestler plants his foot in the knee of the opponents other leg and then bends that leg at the knee over the top of the first leg forming the figure four. The wrestler kneels on his opponent's back with both knees, hooking the head with one arm and the legs with the other. Young black women with big tits. Also known as the Gorilla Clutch, a body scissors version exists as well. The move was invented by Dory Funk, Jr. The wrestler then pulls backwards with his arms and pushes forward with his leg, causing pressure.

He sets it up usually from a single-leg takedown or a roll-thru called the "Calgary crab". The wrestler then reaches over and bends one leg so that the shin is behind the knee of the straight leg and places the ankle of the straight leg in their armpit. Rollergirl fully naked on the go. The wrestler lies face up and slightly to the side of the opponent. Lesbian you kissed your mom Hot girl wrestling. Other variations include squeezing either the side of the neck or the muscle in the front of the armpit, with the four fingers dug into the armpit and the thumb pressing into the front of the shoulder.

Different promotions have different rules regarding the legality of this maneuver. The opponent's arm is then hooked and pulled back into his body, stretching the forearms, biceps and pectoral muscles. The wrestler pushing the hips forward, the opponent's leg is straightened, and further leveraging hyperextends the knee.

Hot babes enjoyed crab eating and waterball challenge. Kira reed interview. Also known as a rear chinlock, the attacking wrestler crouches down behind a sitting opponent and places their knee into the opponent's upper back, they then reach forward and grasp the opponent's chin with both hands.

This Link May be Unsafe. Forgot Username or Password? The wrestler then takes hold of the upper arms or wrists of the opponent and spreads them, holding the opponent in place. Blowjob after oily wrestling. Often an attacking wrestler will chokekickor stomp the opponent until the referee uses up his five count.

The camel clutch is also used by Jinder Mahal and Rusev Acolade. Sign in to add this to a playlist. How badly do you like a naked girl to smoke? Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte invented a bridging variation of the move called Figure Eight.

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Jenna Lovely and Liza del Sierra in the wrestling ring. The wrestler wraps his legs around the opponent's head in a headscissorsfacing towards the opponent. Asian feet pictures. The opponent is down on their back with the wrestler standing over one of their legs. The wrestler hooks each of the opponent's legs in one of his arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over him in the process.

The wrestler then forces the opponent to one side, traps one of the opponent's arms with their own arm, and drapes their free leg over the neck of the opponent, forcing it downward. The wrestler flips forward down on to his back, placing his legs around one of the legs of the opponent on the way down, and thus using his momentum to drop the opponent forward down to the mat.

The wrestler then stands over his back, tucks the opponent's arms under his armpits. The inverted Indian deathlock facelock, or a "Muta lock". Nude boston crab. In this variation of the triangle chokethe wrestler sits behind a seated opponent.

Beautiful teen girls are having hot wrestling. The wrestler can over-rotate or turn again to apply more pressure on the arm. The wrestler forces the opponent to the ground and opens up the legs of the opponent, stepping in with both legs. Watch big wet asses. The wrestler then steps over one of the opponent's arms while holding that arm's wrist and then rolls or twists his body in mid-air while holding the wrist, forcing the opponent down to his back and ending in a cross armbar.

A standing variation of the camel clutch is also used, with this variation popularized by Scott Steiner in the late s as he used it as his finisher dubbed the Steiner Recliner also A rolling variation of the camel clutch is also used with this variation popularized by Maryse Ouellet dubbed French pain.

Sexy Ariel wrestling sweet newcomer Leilani. The opponent is face down on the mat, with the attacker bending both of their legs up and tucking their ankles against his armpits. This involves a wrestler suspending an opponent upside down on a turnbuckle, with the opponent's back being up against it. It is a key component of several throwsdrops and slams.

Hot nude wrestling between Candy Love and Destiny. I'm naked in the shower. A rope-hung move sees the opponent trapped either over the top rope or between the top and second rope. You're such a big Fan that you actually wanted to sign up a 2nd time. Older women big tits tumblr. Similar in execution and function to a front chancery, this lock is often used as a setup for a suplex. Oil wrestling leads to some oral session. From here the wrestler can reach forward and perform many upper body submissions as well.

Message Last online today Favorite. Rushess wrestle while naked and make out in public. The move was invented by Bret Hart and is now used by Gail Kim. Teenage Besties Tried Oil Wrestling!

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Please check back again in the future when you can become a Fan. There are also variations of the anaconda vise that are combined with a straight jacket choke and a cobra clutch.

The wrestler faces his opponent who is bent over. This is a crossface combined with a scissored armbar. The wrestler then grabs hold of the wrist of that arm and pulls it upwards, causing hyper extension of the shoulder and elbow. The wrestler approaches the opponent and reaches under the opponent's shoulders, then threads their arms up and around the opponent's torso, with their hands meeting in the middle of the opponent's back or neck essentially an inverted full nelson holdand tucking the opponents head in their armpit.

The wrestler first hooks each of the opponent's legs underneath his own armpits as if performing a reverse Boston crabthe wrestler then reaches down and underneath the opponent's chin with both hands applying a chinlock, finally leaning back to pull up the opponent's head and neck.

From behind a seated opponent, the wrestler grabs one of the opponent's elbows and pulls it up and backward toward himself. Commonly used as a counter to an attack from behind. The former would not be acceptable in traditional professional wrestling, as all chokeholds that cut off the windpipe are not allowed in the sport. There is also double-handed version sometimes known as a head vise, the wrestler performing the hold approaches their opponent from behind and grip their head with both hands.

Another variation is performed in a bridging position where the wrestler wraps both hands around the opponent's neck and pulls back, which applies pressure to the neck and bridges on the opponent's back for added leverage.

This keeps the over leg, now under, locked while putting pressure on the leg and stretching the legs and back. The wrestler then places their free leg on the instep of the leg which is already being used to choke the opponent.


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