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Chanel Iman nipple slip. Youtube sex lesbian. There's some good gross out shots on Ida humming away and putting the corpses in large boiling pots. Nina axelrod nude. Also the scene with Beymer, stripping off Lois's clothes eye candy, Nina Axelrod-Motel Hell in the motel room, is interesting in the fact, to when does rape end, and pleasure begin.

A young woman is found brutally murdered in her apartment with the suspicion falling on the victims ex-boyfriend Evan. Prior to embarking on a cross country road trip to California Evan picks up neurotic prostitute, topless dancer and all-around kooky nympho nutcase Lois an achingly vulnerable open-wound performance by luscious blonde honey Nina Axelrod, a flash-in-the-pan early 80's fright film scream queen who eventually quit acting and became a casting director and her equally high strung ex-con musician boyfriend John essayed with mucho jittery menace by Brent Carver.

Richard Beymer as the protagonist is steely poised, but it's the likes of a lively Nina Axelrod and a twitchy Brent Carver who leave an impression as the two hitch-hikers. It's a tight, compact little movie, that manipulates you-Suspect one here, suspect two there. All of this had some neat effects. We have alot of good strong classical music composed by Lance Rubin along with some terrifying violin sounds for the certain suspenseful moments.

Elisa Lasowski 32 Full Frontal. November 27th, 8: We spot a good moment with Terry trying to make a move on Vincent while she's in bed. Beautiful milf orgasm. Chloe Madeley 31 See through. We spot a good shot on the two of them splashing around on a tube in their lake and later on a good shot with Ida trying to drown her. Is he really the psycho who did the girl?

Chris Rea's superbly spare'n'shuddery score, Rene Verzier's polished cinematography and the uniformly stone cold aces acting from a super cast round out the goodies to be savored in this shamefully neglected and undervalued spot-on spine-chilling powerhouse. Sunny Mabrey 43 Tits, Ass. The acting is not too bad as Rory Calhoun Vincent Smith shows alot of great characteristics to his part showing great timing with his dark comedic moments while using the victims for his garden as well as showing a warm and caring side to the people who don't know what he's doing too.

Ann Tuts 54 Tits, Ass. It all comes to a head in the Grand Canyon. About Nina Axelrod Nina is also known as: Karen Gillan 31 Tits, Ass. Kevin Connor Written by: Again, that's just me. Kim Morgan Greene Nina Axelrod sitting up in bed and pulling the sheets down to reveal her breasts and then kissing a guy before he stops her and leaves her looking at him with her right nipple visible. I must admit I was shocked who the killer was, but I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Still, while it's perhaps not a high compliment, this is generally a more successful film than Paul Lynch's two more famous ones. Skin Blog - Mr. Nude olympics videos. Ruth Crilly 38 Full Frontal. It would've taken the forces of nature to pull em' off. Juana Acosta 42 Tits, Ass.

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Nancy Parsons Ida Smith brought her comedic lines nicely as well as showing her tough attitude and at the same time, her caring moments to protect anyone knowing their deadly deeds.

Martina Stella 34 Tits, Ass. Milf torture porn. Kim Morgan Greene Sunny Mabrey 43 Tits, Ass. Aimee Garcia 40 Lingerie. He provides other tracks to the movie also. There's a good shot on Edith screaming and freaking out tied up with Vincent about to put a gas mask on her and then a good comedic discussion between him and Ida afterwards which offers some chuckles. Lewis 58 Tits, Ass. In spite of some R-rated sexcapades and violence the film is a kiddie cartoon by comparison.

It'll be worth believe me. Nina axelrod nude. Skin Blog - Mr. This turns out to be part of Johns mind games with Nina and Evan. Uncut daddy tumblr. So, collect your honey and sit down to a thrilling and engrossing night of viewing.

We have alot of good strong classical music composed by Lance Rubin along with some terrifying violin sounds for the certain suspenseful moments. The plot twists and weird relationships will keep you on the edge of your seat. There's a great sleazy scene where Nina puts on a lesbian show with a buxom floozy John picks up in a bar.

There's a good camera shot looking up on both Vincent and Ida along with Vincent himself putting needles into their necks with them yelling in pain which looked believeably painful as well as a good close up shot ona certain one's neck with a small dissecting knife about to cut him which really makes you cringe.

It always stays with me. It does keep you guessing but the astute viewer will have worked out the identity of the murderer halfway through. There's a good cheesy discussion between Billy catching Bruce with a Hustler magazine and him saying he caught a delinquent reading it which offered some slapstick.

A farmer named Vincent Smith Rory Calhoun who owns a motel named Motel Hello as well as selling terrific meat that people come by for more seems to go on a hunting trip while he announces that his motel has no vacancy at the moment and spots a couple named Bo Everett Creach and Terry Nina Axelrod that wipes out on their motorbike and knocked unconcious as Vincent takes them back to his motel and when Terry wakes up Vincent tells her that Bo is dead from the accident and stays at the resort along with Vincent's sister Ida Nancy Parsons as well as encountering their third sibling Bruce Paul Linke who is the local town sheriff and seems to have eyes for Terry.

We have a good discussion between Terry and Vincent about what he's doing. In New York a brutal murder leaves a beautiful young woman dead in her bedroom. Paul Lynch's direction is confident and the music score while slight had an unnerving edge. Mature sex on tumblr. The slasher boom was really big when this one came out with others that would appeal to the same viewers like Mother's DayFriday the 13th and Prom Night.

The main suspect, a local businessman Richard Beymer suddenly leaves town for Arizona. I loved her role as an obnoxious gym teacher in the Porkys flicks. Beymer goes through the entire picture with a look of perpetual pain on his face--as will any viewers who enjoyed Herbert Kastle's novel. We have a good shot on one of the victims digging out of the garden patch and helping the others too as well as good shots on him and the others walking around like zombies and then attacking Ida.

I first saw this movie when I was fourteen with my friend. The book was not only pornographic but full of severed limbs and spilled guts to the point where you had to wash the blood off your hands after reading it.

Paul Linke Sheriff Bruce Smith was another good one in the film as a dimwitted sheriff but he shows a great charming personality to his role and perfect timing with his slapstick humor too. Louise Bourgoin 37 Full Frontal.

A young woman is found brutally murdered in her apartment with the suspicion falling on the victims ex-boyfriend Evan. All of this had some neat effects. You'll remember this guy as the bartender in that other Canadian thriller, Stone Cold Dead.

Still, while it's perhaps not a high compliment, this is generally a more successful film than Paul Lynch's two more famous ones. Although she was always a supporting actress, nubile Canadian cutie Roberta Weiss was always pretty memorable--as a victim of the Castle Rock Killer in David Cronenberg's "The Dead Zone", as a reform-school girl who gets a spanking in "Autumn Born", and as teen witch who seduces her teacher in an episode of the Canadian-lensed anthology series "The Hitchhiker".

He's just tired and needs a break from his job.


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