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All the technical posts are in English.

Maybe you could try both? Many Chinese people have never even heard of these sites, much less have their own presence on them. Keep it up Naomi — ignore the trolls — they get fed plenty enough to eat as it is.

If they had done the same in any Western city there would be mass outrage. Russian lesbian girls. The second link was interesting though because it linked to a website that is still up. This is totally how most people in China use their software. Naomi sexycyborg wu nude. Anyone with good Google skills can do a search for her to find photos that leave very little to the imagination.

Naomi "Sexy Cyborg" Wu isn't a tech goddess. I don't make a big deal about it because I know other women get far worse. Just don't tell me this is what passes for inspirational these days. Can we get a standing ovation? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Photography is by Vase Amanito. Ebony naked pictures. I see that you take issue with the word gatekeeping.

So does she work for overseas companies or does she work for local rates. I'm hoping that some people out there enjoy my content and can afford to help out. My blog was shut down, and my password was hacked. Her command of the English language is so great that apparently she even uses software in English. Beautiful chinese nude model Wu Muxi sexy attract portrait video Our guests are Manya […]. Naomi Swann and puppy slave There are a lot of guys that read HAD who can separate their libido from their maker mind.

There is certainly a lot of pushing. I totally understand where you were coming from. When asked directly how she funds her projects, Sexy Cyborg claims to be such an adept coder that she has made enough money to pay for a workstation that many tinkerers would dream to have. Look at the top five most popular listings for a part, the average price of those or higher is what you can expect to pay.

Are sex workers not welcome in the community? Then everyone is happy. Pics of porn stars. I wouldn't have had any issues if she would just have said that she gets help or that her boyfriend shows her how to do the technical stuff.

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They are pushing a false narrative and trying to ruin people's careers.

Some of her outfits ranged from provocative to outright trashy, even by China standards. Jennifer warren naked. What passes for humor in popular media has become just saying mean, hateful, and stupid things. Who cares this guy found a nitch audience of sad people to touch their ding dong. You are pathetic, you lack the intellectual courage and integrity to acknowledge the point I have made and it is pretty obvious that you do now get the point if the best you can do is to deploy such lame diversionary tactics.

In Barcelona, the plan is to build FabLabs in every neighbourhood. Accusing another user of being a troll or shill can be viewed as an attack, depending on context. Japanese artist Monde has created a beautiful series of woodworks complete with a light switch!

Very impressive design, especially the hidden LCD. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. On top of that, apparently I live in a land of abnormal people, where the fact that someone dresses differently is not considered a reason to disrespect them. By far the best part of TNG. Naomi sexycyborg wu nude. Milf likes it deep. An inductive charger is connected to the battery and [Naomi] built a base station which the Pi Palette sits in for wireless charging.

The point being that one should not be surprised if there is a woman who is much better than all the men in some group, and one should also not be surprised if there are men in some field for every woman. I made a little game for kids: Her designs span a wide range, dropping a payload on a building, unusual clothes, a battle vehicle.

Stay calm, point out his ridiculous attempts at justifying himself, and enjoy the show! I like making things small and hidden, and this is a great example of prototyping.

Does that seem like a money grab to you? Here is the linked photo to his living room note the workshop in the back, the style of tables, and the chair: That request was sarcastically directed at sfdsdsffds, certainly not at Naomi.

Apart from her scantly-clad body and bolted-on breasts, Sexy Cyborg was also sporting some very unique high-tech accessories that she claimed to design and make all by herself. Live China Long Time This content was so good it was linked to by another site This guy has a lot of experience huh? I don't follow her or watch any of her new videos, but I just have doubt that she ever answers any real tech questions live in person. Consider compliments from others a nice extra, but never make that the reason that you do what you do.

The topic of discussion is the social credit system SCS in China, a fiercely debated and highly controversial subject in the West, often construed as a monolithic and Orwellian initiative. Oh I know; you could go after Dolly Parton! Rules are explained in depth at FAQ page. Shenzhen exists at the intersection of technology and art, a cyber punk world where anything goes. If she would have just admitted to working with her boyfriend from the beginning, nobody would have cared.

A comprehensive, interactive, open-source, primary school education in cross-platform digital form. Pics mature milf. Many Chinese people have never even heard of these sites, much less have their own presence on them.

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In the Culture world of Iain M Banks, have tiny drones that can deliver munitions, act as spies. Let me please and tease you in private or exclusive! If her English skills are somehow real, she should have enough intelligence to at least get into Shenzhen University. It was only as home computers moved out into the larger world that half naked women were draped over computers.

So all of a sudden, this very active member in the China maker community who always posted about 3d-printing, CNC, engineering, and general "maker" culture vanishes and in his place appears this busty petite Internet sensation with such an unbelievable story.

Mostly using Ruby on Rails but transitioning to JS.


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