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Applejack x big mac

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Then she swore she saw them because of the little protection his tail offered. A shiver traveled up her spine as she pressed her tongue against that of the larger equine, his oral muscle hot and so wet against hers, an immediate heat exchange occurring between them.

Applejack whinnied and looked back at him. Big tits boobs gallery. Season One DVD set packaging. Applejack x big mac. Damn you, new episode of MLP D: Applejack closed her eyes and sighed, waiting for Big Macintosh to come down the path carting a load of apples.

Applejack x big mac

A mini-figure toy of Big McIntosh is also packaged in one of four Story Packs with accessories as part of the Friendship is Magic Collection; [15] an early image has used fanart by Katie Senser. Was it actually happening? He is also portrayed as very talkative and snarky as a teenage colt in Where the Apple Liesthough not a very good listener.

Applejack dabbed the sweat off her face; for some reason she never sweat as much as her older brother. As with most stallions his size in the show, his hooves are colored differently than his coat. Her ears flattened, her eyes closing as she felt him press just a little bit harder. Applejack smiled at him, kissing him once more and nuzzling his cheek. Big tits hidden cam. Such a tough little apple you are Applejack. Applejack had done that on purpose, but she didn't expect him to react like that. He was proud of her?

Someone pinch her and tell her she's not dreaming. Big Mac also appears during breakfast back in real life, having pancakes with the family. Ponyville Mysteries Issue 2he appears on the Ponyville bowling team.

Applejack learns a saucy secret about her brother and cousin, and she has to come to terms with her feelings about the whole situation. Macintosh licked the side of her face, nuzzling her and rubbing her sides with his hooves. The farm was also so peaceful on days like these; Applejack knew this was her place, her home, where she was meant to be, as her cutie mark showed.

He was too focused on getting himself clean. With how hard she was working Applejack would need a bath too. Dx I do hope you enjoyed this however, so read and review on your way out if possible! In Brotherhooves Socialhe goes to great lengths to win Apple Bloom a blue ribbon at the Sisterhooves Social, and it is stated that the two were considerably close when they were younger.

It made her female body shake. He sat down for a few seconds to get his breath. Sexy lesbian porn com. He ate the whole apple, but spit out the stem and seeds onto the path so they wouldn't grow into new trees.

So, this would be the first official MLP lemon on here, and I know it's something you wouldn't expect. The sensation of her tongue spreading over his lips made him let out a soft groaning sound under the locking of their lips. She still couldn't believe she was doing this with her brother though, but she didn't want it to end as his pelvis hit her over and over again. Big Macintosh grit his teeth the entire time he pressed down on his sheath to get the dirt out.

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He was so proud of her. Homemade lesbian videos. Macintosh's blush couldn't be seen under his red coat. She loved her brother so much, more than anything else in the world.

Big Mac appears in Slice of Life witnessing his sister and her friends having a discussion right before a bugbear attacks the town. Boy, those apples sure looked delicious. Applejack x big mac. He ate the whole apple, but spit out the stem and seeds onto the path so they wouldn't grow into new trees.

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I can take it. The Apple fam is really nice. He lightly nibbled the back of her neck in a comforting way, which really helped out a lot. Big Macintosh groaned and pushed up carefully against her, stroking her mane twice like he was brushing the soft blonde locks.

While they fought and argued, AJ did the work of the matriarch. Her mind was spinning too. Lovely amateur tits. That simple touch made sparks shoot through Applejack's body, and for a brief second she seemed to be lifted off the ground and into the air just like the time Rainbow Dash carried her around the Ponyville skies. He speaks a partial sentence at the beginning of the episode when he, Applejack, and Apple Bloom cheer in unison that the zap apples are coming.

The ecstasy was building, and it was past the point of no return. She hoped her brother was doing okay. There was a lot of heat coming off from one particular area and as he stomped the dirt right behind her forelegs she felt the thick head of his member touching her opening, slowly pressing forward.

It seemed to work. He took a deep breath, huffing out hard. The farm was also so peaceful on days like these; Applejack knew this was her place, her home, where she was meant to be, as her cutie mark showed. Nude cartoons having sex. Once she reached the hay bank set up near the barn she slowed her pace so her hooves wouldn't make too much noise. Thirty or more trees turned into over sixty or so, the number rising gradually.

The fruit crisped and crunched in his mouth. Applejack gasped and shuddered again, closing her eyes tightly. Cautiously peeking behind the hale bale she was currently behind she saw him in the bathing tub, except his head was dunked beneath the water. Applejack clenched her eyes shut, the musk stinging her eyes and making them water. At least Macintosh was done. Carefully as to not frighten her he carefully sniffed at the creamy orange slit and receiving the quite sweet aroma that had the lightest hit of apple; sweet, juicy apples.

And on one beautiful night, a family is broken. He filled up several bucketfuls and dumped them into the tub until it was a little over halfway full. Applejack blushed fiercely and shook her head to clear her nose and mind, correcting her blurry vision.

No matter how many apples she ate or how many more trees she bucked she couldn't get the thought of her brother out of her head. Applejack opened her eyes, looking down at the dirt.

Applejack blushed very hard. He told himself to pull away, to scold her carefully about this, but as the seconds passed the same force that made her dive into the tub and decrease the level by almost half made him just close his eyes, and press back softly with his mouth. He was so strong. Applejack lifted up her tongue a few inches, and Big Macintosh seemed to see the opportunity opened to him. Macintosh stood in place, panting softly in her ear with his hooves still around her waist like he was hugging her from behind.

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She just wanted to give him a little taste test. Hot latina milf tube. The worst thing that could possibly happen was he could be too big for her. I need that bath badly Big Macintosh's back hurt; it felt like he had been sleeping on a hard stiff mahogany board for the past week. Pulling out a few inches there being a number of inches inside, the cause of her considerable amount of discomforthe slowly thrust back home, pulled out, then thrust inside.

She did expect it but it was just as good, if not better than what she previously had in mind. Applejack x big mac. And he already took a lot! Her mind was spinning too.

His tip was still inside her, tightly held in place by her tight body. It was generally quiet except for the deep thud produced by the kicking of the trees she and Macintosh did; the big red stallion was off elsewhere on the farm, taking care of his half of the apple trees.

At her age Applejack had a difficult time seeing herself like that, but she knew it was going to happen eventually. Tumblr women masterbate Applejack swiped her forehead again. Big Macintosh nodded, mad at himself for losing control like that.


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